"Tactful Tenacity" 11x14" graphite and ink on paper
Model/muse: Mistress Lilith

Web: mistressxlilithx.com
Twitter: mistressxlilith
IG: @mistressxlilithx

I used to know the term “ratchet” as a compliment, or at least an endearing descriptor for a woman that was proud, capable, commanded respect, and communicative of her boundaries. As in: She is willing, able, and will hit you with a ratchet if you we’re to continue overstepping or accosting her. I wanted to use the word with some “flair” to bring it back to that meaning, being why I added the accent over the “e”.

I referenced Lilith here because the woman of her namesake was the first woman, created from the earth like Adam. She was told to serve Adam/Man and to be under him and she scoffed and all but gave him the finger. She seemed like the perfect vibe for this.

The lyrics are from “No Sugar in My Coffee” by Caught A Ghost
The Vritti holding ratchets are based off of monkey skeletons.
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