My Own Kaishakunin (M.O.K.)
oil on canvas
I do not have the right to be happy.
I do not have the right to feel empowered and capable.
I do not have the right to find peace in and from my practice.
I do not have the right because such facets of existence, of the human experience, require no permissions.

I am the Venus fly trap: There is a sweetness to my scent. Fly to me and land your idle habits in my palate.

I am the angler fish: let me in with my shiny baubles and eat of your schooling, fleeting thoughts.
I am the Baku: let me close to your resting mind, like a charm on a night stand, and I'll gobble up your nightmares. I'll find and feed off of the dreams and demons you've tucked into the corners. Let's pick their bones together.

I am the hyena: I'll consume 98% of my takedown. Come, help me to break down your walls and let's break ground in new selves for supper.

I am your own kaishakunin: a bridger of worlds. Bring me your conclusions and I will help you to your terminus with certainty and grace. There are naughts deep in your belly that you can allow to be untied.
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